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We definitely want the forums to be a welcoming place for people to discuss the game, but we also understand that people do have lots of feedback that they want to share with us, and that some of that feedback is going to be negative. We do work to encourage constructive criticism (and often close threads that are not constructive), but we also don't want to close everything that says something negative. We're always reading the forums and gathering feedback to pass along. All constructive feedback and discussion does have a place here, and we hope that everyone in the community can respect others' opinions - even if they differ from your own.

Our Community Representatives work hard to help keep the forums clean and to keep threads and posts within the rules, but it is very, very helpful if community members use the "flag" feature to report anything that breaks the rules. This brings it to our attention quickly so the Community Representatives can address it. If someone is breaking the rules, we encourage you to flag the post and move on, and we'll take care of it! Just flagging and not responding in kind helps keep flaming and other unconstructive posts off the forums.