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our shadow dps is irreplaceable in our 8man HM EC group. Just because our strats on zorn and toth and stormcaller and firebrand and warlord kephess call for our shadow dps to use a taunt.

On zorn and toth when toth jumps our shadow taunts him asap back to the wall while the tank moves with toth and taunts when hes far away from zorn. preventing the drouks from getting their proximity buff.

On stormcaller and firebrand he sits on the firebrand tank and just before incinerate armor is used on the tank he uses a taunt, getting the debuff on him then our tank taunts back and this way we never have to tank switch making this encounter incredibly easy for us even on hard mode we can 1shot it.

On warlord kephess when the trandoshans come out our shadow will taunt the warrior and pull him away then kill it while our tanks pick up the trenchcutters and aoe them down.
^^^ This. I agree with all of the above except Zorn and Toth. No need to have a 3rd taunter at all with 2 competent tanks.

Unfortunately, my Sin is only level 37 and climbing, started him a couple days ago. But my impression was that Shadow/Sin was one of the lower DPS specs currently for PvE content. If that holds true, and you are 2nd in your parses, *** is everyone else doing?
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