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05.06.2012 , 05:24 PM | #8
No idea why people are saying you should be staying on Toth and only Toth throughout the whole fight. As a Marauder, when Toth frenzies and someone in the raid has the yellow circle (presuming it is not me) I can get a force charge to Zorn before taking any damage from Toth's ground pound aoe. I put up cloak of pain to reduce some of the damage you take from Zorn, but it really isn't much (especially compared to being in range of a frenzied Toth), then stack up some dots on Zorn as he starts to cast Baradium Boulder (the huge rock he fires at the purple circle placement) and jump back to Toth as soon as it hits.

Basically, Toth most of the fight, except when he frenzies, then jump and dps Zorn while someone runs the yellow circle to Toth. For my ops group it is a very tight enrage fight, and that combined with their soft enrage below 10% means we really can't afford periods of the fight where our dps aren't going hard on atleast 1 of the bosses.