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I our raid shadows are the top of the dps parse as balance spec, slightly above sentinels and gunslingers. BTW you misplaced a few descriptions there, gunslingers are the ones that reduce armor, not sentinels.

You can make the following argument to your guild about dps shadows:

- highest dps in game in balance spec, additional ninja rez, ability to grab and hold aggro in case the tank dies, extra taunt in case the tank needs to be topped off.

I honestly don't understand why you've been replaced in your raid, shadows are best dps tank classes in game with more group utility than dps commandos or guardians.
Well, They are 'Infiltration' specced, not Balance spec for a start, and certainly not a tank class either. Infiltration has LOW survivability, and you really need to know how to play this class to b honest. Now unless the Op was to change spec, then like me, the OP is pretty redundant in their guild, as less and less people actually want or need Infiltrators now.
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