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So Toth
Stay away form red/purple circles.

Beserks?????? When he goes in stay of throwing rocks or when he jumps and stomps ground????

When he jumps and stomps I can not run out fast enough.
The red circles I get away from them but I guess not far enough from them....

I watched and he makes it look so easy..... It was that easy for me in story mode but so far not hard mode.
I stopped watching when I saw him jump right to Zorn.

Alright, stay on Toth and only Toth. He keeps jumping throughout the fight. The melee just need to be healed through this. Hence my comment about your healers need to stop being lazy. Every 20% if memory serves correctly (I don't think it does at the moment, sorry) he will do a soft enrage. If you're melee, you need to get the **** away from Toth. The way to break this enrage, is there will be a random person in the group who will get targeted with a yellow circle. This person needs to run to Toth and stand on him until the circle turns purple. When the circle turns purple, Zorn throws a rock and this will break Toth's enrage. When enrage is broken, jump back and continue to DPS.

The person with the circle will be taking the big AoE jump damage, so healers need to keep this person topped off.