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Sentinel with FULL Rakata

We were doing EC HM 8-man other night and I'm having a hard time surviving Toth and Zorn.
I'm looking for a video or something that can help me understand more of my role in this match.
I survived it no problem in story mode but HM is kicking my butt. It would also be helpful on when some other sentinels use their cool downs on these.
I usually stay on Toth the whole time unless i need to switch due to somebody else with a debuff on them. The crazy thing is he usually kills me when he stomps (the 1400/1500 dmg stomp). I was replaced in the raid with a rdps and they eventually killed them. Sad part is, WHEN I'm alive I'm #1 dps on parser. Also using 1 range healer and 1 sage healer but the sage healer is not AOE healing. They have the team standing back in an area they can dps and heal from a distance. I was the only melee dps ....<<<<< sucks to me be atm.

Any idea on what I can do to survive this assault.
Hi, Marauder here, so obviously better side of the mirror

Heh, kidding aside. Basically, stay on Toth the whole time. No switching. Never. Get that nonsense out of your head.
Run out when he berserks, unless you've got the yellow circle on you. Don't stand in red or purple circles.

That's it. Tell your healers to stop being so dam lazy.