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05.06.2012 , 11:23 AM | #1
Sentinel with FULL Rakata

We were doing EC HM 8-man other night and I'm having a hard time surviving Toth and Zorn.
I'm looking for a video or something that can help me understand more of my role in this match.
I survived it no problem in story mode but HM is kicking my butt. It would also be helpful on when some other sentinels use their cool downs on these.
I usually stay on Toth the whole time unless i need to switch due to somebody else with a debuff on them. The crazy thing is he usually kills me when he stomps (the 1400/1500 dmg stomp). I was replaced in the raid with a rdps and they eventually killed them. Sad part is, WHEN I'm alive I'm #1 dps on parser. Also using 1 range healer and 1 sage healer but the sage healer is not AOE healing. They have the team standing back in an area they can dps and heal from a distance. I was the only melee dps ....<<<<< sucks to me be atm.

Any idea on what I can do to survive this assault.