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05.06.2012 , 09:46 AM | #514
I personally want a group tool for everything I think it would unrealistic for it to be expect everything all at once. But I would be ok if started with flash points first then moved on to operations.

I am the person where the group tool helps. I don't enjoy spending hours trying form a group then have little time to play because most of was spent "forming" the group. Most of play times is typically not peak times. So its difficult to find groups.

I'm not saying if someone is paying their subscription they should get everything. But anyone that is paying a subscription should atleast have the chance to atleast experience most of the game regardless of when they play and the population of the server.

There were two really big things that stopped me from playing SWTOR after I hit lvl 50. One was the UI which after 1.2 is tolerable. The other was a group tool. I for one don't enjoy sitting spamming chat trying to find a group.

I think a group tool that is server only is not going to be work . Especially on low populated servers. For que times to be realistic its going to have to be cross-server. I'm ok if its one of those where the tech isn't mature enough to handle cross-servers. With the first implementation being server only.