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I'm an Infiltration specced Shadow, #2 in DPS for my guild according to parses. I just got swapped out of my regular raiding team because the guild realised I didn't bring anything to a raid beyond DPS.

I can understand why they did it -- the guild's been struggling with hard mode EC and we need every buff and debuff we can. But my fellow DPSers bring more than I do:
  • Sentinels - Inspiration (+dmg/healing raid buff), Passive raid heals, Armour debuff on the boss
  • Gunslinger - Scrambling field (raid damage shield)
  • Commando/Sage - Off heals, dispels, combat rez, combat CC

Neither of my DPS trees can compete. I previously had use as a very temporary tank in other raids (eg. repositioning Soa under a pyramid if the tank gets mind trapped). Force valour can be applied by other people in the raid, and will progressively become less useful as more people get level 50 consulars in their legacies. Mind Maze has no use in combat. My control abilities (stun, low slash, slow etc) are fairly well mirrored across the dps classes.

What can I do to compete? I'm leveling up a gunslinger for now.

(cross posted because I realised this is a better place for discussion of the topic)
I our raid shadows are the top of the dps parse as balance spec, slightly above sentinels and gunslingers. BTW you misplaced a few descriptions there, gunslingers are the ones that reduce armor, not sentinels.

You can make the following argument to your guild about dps shadows:

- highest dps in game in balance spec, additional ninja rez, ability to grab and hold aggro in case the tank dies, extra taunt in case the tank needs to be topped off.

I honestly don't understand why you've been replaced in your raid, shadows are best dps tank classes in game with more group utility than dps commandos or guardians.