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Fair point, but it doesn't change anything. All else equal, why take a shadow aside from loot composition :<
well the sentinell has alot of usefullness however you don't need cc, debuff, or combat rezz that often. You don't have to CC anything during EC boss encounters. Combat rezz hast a cd on the whole group. And if your healers are to stupid to debuff 8 or 16 man then that's not your fault. Having good steady dps and a guy who can play well are far more important. You need some key classes in the raid, yes, however kicking you out of the raid just proves that your raid is too bad to clear the content in a normal fashion and needs all the extra help they can get, soon they will be at another point making no porgress and then they will be forced to learn how to play the game no mather who they swap out now. People always look for an easy way out but in the end they will still get stuck because they didn't learn the lesson in the first place.
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