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OOC: Just for kicks.

The Galaxy and You: How to Survive Life in the Galaxy 101

Rule #567: When someones says you're their only hope, it's probably best if you don't up and die naked, leaving all your clothes on the floor.

Rule #876: When someone throws away a perfectly good couch, you are IMMEDIATELY required to take said couch back to your ship and install it as your pilot's chair. No exceptions.

Rule #1025: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are more than a match for a blaster at your side.

Rule #1026: Having someone around who doubts the above can also have its value.

Rule #1169: Even though a Sith smuggles a Jedi into the academy, do not attack either woman in a bout of insanity. She may not ever want to work with you again and would most definitely fall in love the Jedi you yourself are trying to turn to the Dark Side.

Rule #1293: The deal gets altered for the worse every time you ask. Pray it doesn't get altered any further

Rule #2013: These are definitely the droids you are looking for. I don't *********** care if the old man says they aren't, you shoot that bastard in the face for his "certain point of view" and take those Force-damned droids!

Rule #2273: When fighting a Kaleesh Sith, do not strike a winning blow in his...precious jewels, so to speak. He takes it as a sign of affection, and will take it beyond the grave if he has to.

Rule #3215: Tauntauns never forget.

Rule #3764: If you have to ask, no, it's most definitely not a moon.

Rule #5039: Never make deals with ghosts. Especially evil ones.
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