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I would think the "Flirt" option can be part of your character and how much you use it depends on the way you choose to play it. I do agree that the Jedi are very monk-like, especially the Consulars; but they are all still "knights".

I chose to play my consular very "neutral" (or sterile, or whatever). I chose not to toss the Flirt option around and only saved it until the end, with Nadia, where I played that particular storyline up.

Anakin (or Vader) had children; Luke had children, as did Leia (haven't read any of the books, but I believe they did). So Jedi did marry, have children..there had to be a way to create more generations of force sensitives other than spontaneous manifestation from muggle-born kids...oh, wait.

In any case, my two-cents worth
I'm going to assume when you said "sterile" you were going off of what I had said. By sterile I was meaning a near completely emotionless voice and demeanor. Not anything to do with LS or DS, but a very monotone and drab almost tone.
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