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It really depends on how YOU see your Jedi, be it Knight or Consular. My Jedi Knight's parents were Imperial. Her mother an agent and her father a joiner. (ie My agent and Legacy). Though she tries to uphold the Jedi code (my toons are light side about 90-95% of the time) she still has some ties to her Imperial side.

Of course, not to go into spoilers, her mother had a rough time of it and her father was a joiner. Can't get more odd than that.

My Consular is the offspring of basically two bountyhunters, (my BH and Torian), so she's a bit more darker when it comes to being a Jedi, but not to the point she's killing people left and right.

If you have a Legacy yet (meaning one toon finished chapter 1 and you now have a shared surname), you can do your family tree and base your RPing of your Jedi around who his/her parents are.

But in the end, it's entirely up to YOU. That's the beauty of this game. You can go Light, Neutral, or Dark.