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Sorry, this isn't really an actual new flashpoint, just one I made up on the bus. But now that I have your attention...

Plot: Goradda the Hutt (or however you spell his name), great sponsor of Huttball, contacts you via holocall. He tells you to bring a group of your most violent friends to his casino, because he has a job for you. And it is violent. See, it turns out that guy who announces the Huttball has been embezzling a lot of money to feed his monumental spice and gambling addictions. Not to mention his appetite for Twilek chicks of dubious morals. Stealing from Goradda is a no-no, and goradda wants him taken out. But it won't be easy: announcer guy is holed up in an abandoned factory, his desk covered in a huge pile of spice, Scarface-style.

He's also guarded by a legion of strung-out Twilek 'dancers' (need to keep this PG) in armour-piercing high-heels. He's also guarded by over-the-hill, burned-out Huttball players. With severe brain damage and more cybernetics than mortal tissue, these guys will die before they feel any pain. And pain is what they hope to bring to anyone who tries to take on their master, who supplies them with twilek 'dancers,' spice, and the nostalgia they so pathetically crave.

So you break into the mansion. I mean factory. As you maim and pew-pew your way through the announcer's minions, you hear his smug, syrupy voice mocking you over an extensive PA system. Everytime you miss an enemy, he laughs at you. Every time you get owned by his rag-tag minions, he pours tedious commentary over your shattered cadaver. But it only makes your hatred and desire to kill him that much stronger! If you are a Jedi though it is all cool, you don't take it personally.

Finally you battle your way through to his inner lair, after killing all of his trash minions and some former champion Huttballers. The sound of his voice booms from a wall of loudspeakers! But as you destroy his force field generators one by one, his smugness begins to wear off, replaced by a mounting fear. Finally the force field goes down, and a cutscence is triggered.

The Silencing: The announcer backs away as you approach. Now he is begging, pleading for his life. He offers you mountains of spice, rigged Huttball matches. He tries to beat Goradda's offer. But no dice. Your responses are:

Dark Side: Die!
Lightside: Die!
Neutral: Die!

What follows is an epic 20-minute sequence in which all four members of the group take it in turns to each throw the announcer a solid, brutal, five-minute beatdown. Groin-punches, piledrivers, head-butts, septum-crushing elbows, hyper-uppercuts. The announcer hits the floor, a bag of pulped organs and bones, like sodden woodchips in a sack. Only the final blow remains and in glorious slow mo the group lets rip with force lightning, blaster fire, and signature, class-specific, destructive moves. Then the group walks out of the factory as it goes down in flames and finally explodes. Also in slow mo, of course.

Rewards: Characters gain access to the title 'the Silencer'. Furthermore, when playing Huttball, anyone who has unlocked this title can choose to hear a soothing female voice commentating on the game.

Well, there you have it, there is my idea. I personally think it is compelling storytelling and would inexorably achieve epic popularity. Bioware, this Flashpoint is my gift to you. Players you just have to demand it and make it so!