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Any tips on squeezing out extra DPS? We pretty much follow this strategy exactly, and even if no one ever gets fearful, zorn is 10%+ higher than toth and we hit the enrage timer. Maybe our transitions are happening slow or something, who knows.
It's so hard to advise - i'll be entirely honest, we have the same problem at times aswell. The areas of improvement we can see are as follows:

Maintain healing on DPS - this allows them to stay in combat for longer, sometimes people have to back away from Toth due to his AOE damage - high health = confident DPS.

During the 60% and 20% transitions (red circles), although your ranged need to be moving around - throw in as much damage as you can, it's very easy to stop DPSing just to watch for mechanics here - in this case people need to react to the red circles - not plan for them (if that makes sense). Stacking DOTs moving into this transition will help maintain damage as it's tough to cast at times.

Tanks - throw whatever the hell you can in - 10% is 75K damage. Over the 5:45 second fight, your looking at around an extra 13K damage per minute per target - that's around 210 DPS. If your tanks can pump out an extra 50DPS - then it only leaves 80 DPS each for the DPS classes.

Talent Trees - Peoples specialisations can make all the difference in this fight - we've told all the DPSers to go away and re-look at there specs on more than one occasion to look where they can squeeze a little more damage out of their specs.

It really is about the small things getting this fight down - adrenals, stims, relics - make sure they all work perfectly together and are all being used as much as possible. Also ensure that people aren't wasting stats by hitting their stat caps - if one stat is over the cap - remod gear to get more stats out of the lower stats where possible. Finally, if your tanks really don't struggle - make them both use a DPS stim as opposed to a tank stim.

One final final point On engaging - there can be a lot of time (5 or 10 seconds) just getting the raid positioned. Make sure everyone engages together and are DPSing as they get into position (they also need to know their position automatically if possible so they waste as little time as possible checking ranges). 8 seconds of positioning with no DPS from 4 DPSers results in around 38.5K lost damage.

We're also considering amending the video as Toth going down first seems to lead to a Zorn insta-wipe. Instead we may advise getting Zorn down first out of the 2 and then finish Toth (he needs to be no higher than 5%), we're still testing that though - but may be worth a try putting higher DPS output on Zorn.

Hope the above helps