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To the OP, out of curiosity, did you read any of the rest of the TORhead page you linked?

According to that, the weapon (which I've been meaning to look for too) is a possible reward from the Heroic 4 daily "The Mandalorian Terror" on Republic Balmorra.

Mind you, that still doesn't answer the problem of getting a schematic for it so we can get an augment slot.
Believe me, I've researched this extensively.

To answer your question, not only did I read them, but I've done "The Mandalorian Terror" and it only rewards a class-specific moddable helmet.

As stated the A-300 is, at this time, only available to Smugglers when they complete Chapter 1 and even then only if they make the right choices to get it.

The "only if they make the right choices" part above is also part of the problem of this model being so rare even among Smugglers.

At the end of Chapter 1, all classes are given a weapon as a possible quest reward (Bounty Hunters=S-110 Particle Beam Interceptor, Vanguards=A-11 Scout Disruptor, Commandos=R-110 Pulse-Wave Saboteur, Operatives=Renegade Interceptor, Snipers=R-55 Searing Disruptor, etc, etc, etc...).

However, the Smuggler is the only class (as far as I know) that can actually lose out on having the A-300 presented as a reward depending on the conversation choices they make during the final stages of Chapter 1. There are Smugglers out there that don't have the A-300, not because they didn't choose it but because they were never even given the choice of having it. (Note: If Smugglers made the wrong choices they get the choice of the Torchy DL-2 Modified Blaster instead. The Torchy DL-2 is not a unique model and Smugglers that got it instead can acquire a similar pistol from a flash point.)

I admit that I have a vested interest in acquiring another pistol that uses the same model because a) I love the look and b) I have a Gunslinger and would love to dual-wield the A-300.

On the other hand, this suggestion also stems from the fact that:
a) many Smugglers would love to have this pistol but never had the chance to have it and they would also benefit from having the pistol model available in some other way.
b) this model is just too great to be so limited in availability.
c) browsing the forums, many Bounty Hunters would also love to use Blaster Pistols with this model (so having this model added as a new schematic would benefit both factions).

Sorry for the long post.

(Can you tell I'm passionate about this? )
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[Suggestion] Add another Blaster Pistol with the "A-300 Heavy Sonic Needler" model = DONE!