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I don't know about the other reported bugs from OP but my guild has been having the Lightning spear in the shield issue constantly. We have taken it down to 20% before on our very first night in the raid, but recently since the most recent patch last week, he just wont stop throwing the lightning spears on our DPS who are inside the shield, our tank who's supposed to be kiting them around made sure he was the last to get off the it when defensive measure was being cast and he continues to taunt it during that phase.

For about 2hrs its been doing the same thing now, we've tried changing personal, using different classes on Storm-w/e, it just seems to not working properly since the most recent patch.

::Edit:: All the attempts on HM 8 man
This was wiping us a lot. Everything is fine, the run is going perfect, doing everything right, the tank swaps are clean, no one pulls aggro, then bam, lightning spears inside the defense system on stormcaller, WHILE the tank is still kiting spears around.

It just randomly stopped happening for us from time to time. We didn't change anything and just had to hope that random spears didnt wipe the group inside stormcaller's defensive system.