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I'm fairly new to SWTOR but not new to games in general. I really like the game, the leveling system, the game play, etc. However, I have noticed one very BIG trend. Many times over, especially late at night. it is almost impossible to put a group together to do a heroic. My main is level 49 and I can say I have done about 6 heroics total with my warrior at level. (the level you get the heroic at)

I frequently ask, but almost always get the same reply: "Just skip it". Unfortunately, in many cases, this is exactly what I do. And apparently many other players are as well. Now I'm not on a full server, but still I see plenty of people in the zones and yet they are still skipping them. Many of them I go back to do, when I am several levels higher than when I got it. Okay, no problem there. But usually by then, the rewards are not worth the effort.

In some cases, where you literally have to traverse the entire planet to get to one, (something I personally hate)
so I just forget about it. I'm also seeing the same thing for flash-points. I saw in another thread where someone mentioned a random flash-point finder or generator, and that is a good idea in my opinion. But that will not fix the heroic problem. I feel they would be easier to accomplish if they were not FULL of elites and Lt's. And often or not there are several champions as well, which I would assume many cannot do or they would be doing them more often.

I think the devs should take a closer look at this and look for a solution that would make the heroics able to be done by one person. At least the ones indoors. If this means nerfing them, then so be it.