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Yesterday, on NiM he oneshotted the raid at around 5% on NiM. We assumed it was the enrage though we didnt see him turn red.

We tried again and was one shotted again at 5%. We thought it strange but did it again -- and again one shotted at 5%.

We went into HM which we have done too many times to count shotted at 5%. He hunkers down and sends missiles flying to the entire raid hitting everyone for 20K+. In all our HM kills in the past...never happened.

Has anyone else experienced this since the new patch.

This happened in my guild run since the new patch and we have killed him with no trouble on multiple occasions on HM before... We all had Columi or better gear and we stayed through all his attacks with no problem and just unloaded on him like always, but after 10-8% he floors us all... Also was his resistence increased without me knowing because he felt a bit sturdier than before...