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Well, Corso and my smuggler were married there on her bridge. So I take it as them being married.

Quinn considers himself my Sith's husband since he mentions it in his letters. BTW, my smuggler is their daughter. Quinn damn near had a heart attack at that.

Torian and my bountyhunter are married. He said some dialogue in Mandalorian that are essentially marriage vows. And their daughter is my consular.

Andronikos and my Inquisitor are married. And I loved how blunt he was in asking. She basically says, 'let's go get married RIGHT NOW' and they run off for nookie and marriage.

Vector and my Agent are married. They might not have been able to broadcast it to the galaxy, but there is an option where Vector says something (I can't remember what it was) and she said "You're my husband". (That was an actual dialogue option)

My Jedi Knight is Vector and my Agent's daughter. (I couldn't make a half chiss/half human character. So she's the spitting image of her mommy, but has the same hair color as Vector)

This is in game. In my ACTUAL headcanon, they're ALL sisters (my agent being an adopted sister) and they all have boys. I already have their names and looks picked out...I'm a writer, I can't help myself with detail.