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[QUOTE=Ranadiel_Marius;4238741]The Emperor's Voice has been in communication with the the Dark Council to some extent or another since the end of GW1, so the absence of the Emperor(or more specifically the Voice) will likely have some ramifications in terms of the power structure. Well at least until his inevitable return.

I know that. The Sith Emperor's true Voice and the Emperor's agents have still been in contact, including the Wrath. The knowledge of the Sith Emperor's survival is kept in secret.

But in the Jedi Knight Story, after the defeat of the Sith Emperor on Dromund Kaas, along with the Knight's success on Corellia, the Sith Empire was in chaos and further more dangerous than they were before his "death."

As for the politics, Saresh was elected Supreme Chancellor after the previous Supreme Chancellor was assassinated by the bounty hunter. After she was elected, Taris was taken by the Sith Empire.

Also considering the Sith Emperor's survival, the plot later on will be like Harry Potter: The Sith Emperor is gonna keep his rebirth a secret until the day his rebirth comes to light, then he'll wage a ruthless war.