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I've read similar strategies to this and like the idea, however we have another somewhat unique problem in the fact that we are typically running with 4 melee dps...and sometimes 4 bad marauders. We can move around some, but bouncing the boss back and forth between 30 meters will be a huge dps drain. Any good ideas around this?
That can be difficult. Honestly I don't really think there's much of a choice. The melee are going to have to give chase. Tanks can't just stand there and tank that final phase. They're just going to have to ensure that they're not, at any point, in the frontal arc of the boss. You're in a better position because the marauders can leap to the boss than say operatives or assassins. Melee also have to deal with all the purple circles. I wish you luck man, but your best bet is to try to mix it up a little bit on the roster.