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12.13.2011 , 11:57 AM | #9
LFG in WoW (or Dungeon Finder, or whatever version you are talking about) evolved as the game evolved. The Dungeon Finder as it exists on WoW today only exists because WoW IS how WoW is today.

While a dungeon finder, as it exists in wow, is insanely convenient, or even meeting stones from before, in a game just launching for everyone they do exactly as what was already said in here (and by devs).. it makes the game world smaller, less populated, and causes a lot of content to be missed. Now sure that's optional and should be a player's option.. but we're playing the game the devs want us to play, and right now they want everyone to experience the content.. want everyone to be playing amongst everyone else, and want to socialize to a degree to LFG.. so that's what they want, that's what we do.

in the future, I see no need to reinvent the wheel. WoW's dungeon finder is near flawless... and classifying AC's by role should be overall trivial. make the dungeon difficulty selectable by the leader once the dungeon loads and you are good to go.

with that being said, I Can see why it's not in now, and can understand their point. so once I get in I'll just LFG like everyone else (or more frequently go in a guild group) and move on with it.

remember, when comparing to WoW or other MMORPGs, you can't just compare to how those systems exist now... it's a weird amalgamation of the things that were introduced in those games because as far as gameplay systems go devs just know better now, and what was introduced in those games because as the games matured, the priorities and goals of the general playerbase matured as well.