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05.03.2012 , 01:31 PM | #1
Just curious if this happened to anyone. So I ran this week SM EV and HM LI with some guildies. It happened to me once in EV and twice in LI. It goes like that:

1 . Feels like a lag spike , as you can see the signal bar going to 1 red dot
2. Then you see the loading screen which go to the 25% and stops there, while the spinning icon, spins forever

I had to kill the client and restart.

The strange part is that it happened to another player in the same time. I have payed more attention last night in LI and we were in the same spot. It was not a network problem as Mumble was working just fine.

So, me in California, the other guy on the other coast, both in the same spot, and disconnecting in the exact same moment.

2nd time when it happened we both had trouble restarting the client! I think something very wrong went with the patch.

Also, me and other players have been seeing lag spikes in about same places in BP, which didn't happen before, but not sure if it's related!

Devs, please look into it!
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