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So, last night we had an issue where the person in the tower's add that comes down after a probe is summoned would glitch on us, by not being targetable by attacks (cannot see target) and nobody else in the raid could target him either (we had people come and try on the 4th time of this happening).
Is there any known workaround for this until it gets fixed?
if needed i can get some video if it happens when we run it tonight again.
(was hardmode, also happened only once to us on storymode on tuesday)
Also when we got through the minefield and to the boss and hit the terminal to disable the turrets in the field, they would never go away (is this intended for HM?).
Ty all
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yes, there is a workaround. make sure ONLY the person going up steps on the elevator (you should be going left anyway, not right). anyone that STEPS on the elevator has a chance of getting that mob, and then it bugs out. (or have everyone go up at first, but thats a pretty time intensive way to do it)

also... I had this happen to me halfway through the fight yesterday, I just ignored it, it wasn't aggro'd on me, it was on someone in the minefield. after bout 30 seconds he aggrod me and I could attack him no problem.