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I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. We have spent quite some time trying to bring Kephess down with a geared group in Denova Story Mode. I am tanking the boss and taunt him after he lands from the gift of the masters cast. He still managed to whack our dps at times for 20k+ with Savage Arcing Slash. How is this avoided? He also hits me or the OT with it at times which will do 80-90% damage and kills the tank with his next melee hit. Should the taunt happen even earlier than when he lands from the "Gift" cast? And how does the OT stay up after taunting following the "Breath" cast? Any help would be appreciated, as I have not seen much of anything on forums or strategies about this specific attack that hits for nearly 30k sometimes. We have the taunting during the "Breath" phase down pretty well, yet the tanks still go down, even using cooldowns and having properly modded rakata gear. Very frustrating...
He'll use the slash even if he's running towards someone so if you taunt him make sure he won't run through the crowd. Also make it clear to the raid that he has this ability so they know to avoid being in front of him. That hit will one-shot people. The MT should also be the only one taking the slash hits. Sounds like there might be a tank gear issue here. He does hit pretty hard but 30k sounds like a lot of damage to be taking from that unless he's enraged or something.