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First issue, we've never had a problem with except when we don't have at least 2 ranged out picking up the lightning spires. With just one ranged out, the spires do land on members (and even the player tank). So be sure you have at least two ranged out on 16-man. (Not sure about the mechanics in 8-man, but we did 8-man hard mode a while ago and had no issues with this mechanic.)

Never had an issue with the shells not spawning. They will die almost immediately if everyone runs under the same one. On 16-man, you cannot have more than 4 people under a single shell or it will break early. So if 8 people run to the same shell, it'd probably die in two hits. Only issues we've ever had with the shields are people dps'ing the pillar, proc trinkets proc'ing on the pillar, or too many people being under one shield. Once we cleared all that up, the fight became tremendously easy (yet still the toughest fight of this entire tier).

Invisible lightning spears do happen and it usually tends to be the first one that's dropped that we have this issue with. This definitely needs to be fixed.

As far as the lightning spires that spawn inside defensive system shells, make sure the tank is the last one out during defensive systems, and should probably have him taunt on his way out then throw up a ranged attack once he is out. Doing that fixed all issues we had with lightning spires landing in the shields (on 16m HM). When it happens, it is most likely an aggro pull by a high damage melee class who stayed in longer than the tank did.
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