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It's official!! Since the Treaty of Coruscant is broken, there is now a Second Great Galactic War.

Factors for the start of the war:
  • : The Jedi Knight killed Tarnis
: Darth Baras sent his apprentice to start Plan Zero

Now since there is open warfare between the Republic and Sith Empire, what possibilities of battles will there be? Who could possibly show up in this War? Will people defect to the other side? What we do know is:

1) Revan's supposed "death" is ambiguous
2) The Sith Emperor is gone, not dead
3) The Sith Empire is now more dangerous and in chaos because of the Emperor's "death"
4) The Treaty of Coruscant was broken
Just to point out , the emperor has had nothing to do with SIth government sinces the end of GW1, so I doubt anyone will notice.

another point

5) I sense a conflict brewing between General Garza and the Chancellor especially as

Have Force lightning will travel