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Yeah, there's some suspension of disbelief necessary. I started a light side Sith Warrior and questioned and defied my masters at every turn. I picked all light side options, etc. Yet my character is still alive.

There's just not enough time to add TIME to the game. I wouldn't want to level for the game equivalent of 12 years before I was declared a Jedi. Hell, the Sith Inquisitor storyline has me going from a slave to
in what seems like days. But that's just how games work. I can't think of any game that doesn't bend time to its will.

I mean, take Final Fantasy, for example. Let's just go with one off the top of my head. In FFVIII, Rinoa is hanging from a balcony, and you, as Squall, have to HURRY AND SAVE HER RIGHT NOW. Except you can go check out the rest of Garden if you want to first, then take a nap in your room or go hang out in the Quad. You can head to your desk in the training room and read up on the game, or you can leave Garden entirely and go fight some monsters, all while Rinoa's life is on the line.

And then you make it back to save her JUST IN TIME.