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So i made a new character, and set out to be the WORST jedi possible.

I did ALL the bad things, talked back as much as possible, MURDERED like 5 people before i even left tython.

And I still got to be a Jedi Knight.

Really? That crap would NEVER fly in the lore.

Heck at one point a student gets removed from the order for cheating on a test of willpower.

I murdered some folks in cold blood, and they just brush it off.

SECOND. You do not get to be a PADAWAN until AFTER you have a Jedi Knight take you under your wing. So the whole part with the JK where you dont get your Master till AFTER you have arrived at the temple and been doing several missions, is completely bunk.


Even though there are some crazy things going on, there is no WAY you could spend like a week in training and be declared a Jedi Knight. The whole story makes zero sense. Most Jedi were padawans for over 12 YEARS before they got to take the trials and be a Knight.

There is suppose to be a DEEP bond between master and padawan, but because of how quickly they promote you to Jedi Knight you don't get to develop any kind of bond with your master. Honestly I could care less about mine.

Finally. Why the hell do I have a training saber. Why did they even put this in the game. You get your saber roughly right after you receive sponsorship from a master to be their padawan. This is around age 13-14. (SGY)

No no no. You did the entire Padawan experience completely wrong. Who is the writer/s for this game again? We need to have a serious discussion.

Isnt it James Ohlen? Seriously James, you should be ashamed.

Ok, I've let out my pain and suffering on how they slaughtered the whole Jedi lore.... feel free to contribute to what you think about the Padawan experience.

The funny part is the Sith apprentice relationship is actually fairly accurate.