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Hey everyone,

As promised, after a great response to our story mode guides - we've uploaded the voiceover guide for Zorn & Toth on Hard Mode. Please feel free to comment with feedback/suggestions.

Zorn & Toth [Hard Mode] -

If you need the story mode guides, the links are as follows:

Zorn & Toth -
Firebrand & Stormcaller -
Colonel Vorgath (Minesweeper) -
Warlord Kephess -

Thanks again for everyones support!

Elite Gaming

Great Vid Therm !

It helped my guild get those guys down.
It was a pretty intense combat , at least for me as a Merc Healer. Tanks require a lot of heal and also , for me at least , needed to keep our 2 melee dpsers alive out of the jumps.

Now it seems that our raid is waiting more vids from u to down Stormcaller and his tank wifey.

Cheers, and good luck with progress.

will be checking yr youtube channel !