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What's really stupid about this fight, and particularly the fearful debuff is that it goes completely against what Bioware keeps telling us in regards to how they want operation bosses to work. They talk about how they want the effects to be on the screen, so that you SEE the effect or attack and can judge from that what to do. I can't recall the quotes, but I'm sure I heard several before 1.2 and during the guild summit.

The point is, you can't see the fearful debuff as a spell effect and compensate for it. This whole "you gotta stand exactly 29.5 meters away and touch your left hand to your nose while turning counter clock wise just to avoid a debuff that besides a tiny icon you wouldn't know you got hit by..." is just stupid and poor design. It wouldn't be as bad if they didn't tell us that they want to do the exact opposite. How about a big ol circle shows up around Zorn that's 25m wide. Run out or get fearful in X seconds. Simple, visual and you can clearly tell whats going on and if it's actually bugged by being outside it and still getting the debuff.
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