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05.02.2012 , 11:34 AM | #15
Problem: Individual Heat Signature is not working correctly. It appears the 2 stack works fine, the 4 stack does provide an increase from the 2 stack, but its not giving as much a boost as it should, the 5 stack however actually reduces damage from the 4 stack. This is resulting in lower dps than the spec should be putting out. Based on a site I use that uploads combat logs to compare numbers I have seen that BH arsenal spec is 15% less effective as marauders in pve scenarios and that is just sad.

Solution: use the proper calculation so that the heat signature stacks work as intended. Also instead of having multiple stacks from BHs go up on a target have them share a stack so that any tracer missile will refresh the heat signature stack. That way you only have to worry about 1 5 stack being up.

Getting pretty frustrating seeing bioware overlook this problem since the 19th. Please bioware fix heat signatures so they work correctly and we can actually do damage again. I really don't feel like quitting this game, but BH is the only class I want to play.