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05.02.2012 , 10:50 AM | #41
It's been awhile since I beat him as a healer (took me 4 tries I think, and a bit of coin on gear upgrades), so possibly the fight has changed, but my advice is:

1. Bring your tank pet (I used Iresso, Qyzen could work too, but Iresso is easier to gear with quality moddable weapons). Be sure they are equipped as a tank, with a shield, not a power generator. Be sure they are in a tanking stance, and their taunts are auto-enabled unless you are prepared to trigger them yourself.

2. Let your tank start combat, and focus on keeping him healed/bubbled. Remain just outside the room so you can break LoS on Stark easily.

3. Either use focus target and focus target modifier, or constantly change targets, to keep an eye on Stark. We didn't have target-of-target when I did this, so I would start casting a heal on Iresso and switch my target to Stark while the cast was still going to make sure he wasn't casting something I needed to interrupt.

4. Interrupt his channeled damage ability (Project Storm, I think) as quickly as possible. Even if you have to cancel your heal cast (by taking a step), interrupt it immediately.

5. Interrupt his heal AS LATE AS possible. If he spends 2 seconds casting a heal only to be interrupted, that is 2 seconds he is not causing any damage, while your tank continues to wear him down.

6. NO other abilities need to be interrupted. They should cause minor amounts of damage that can be healed through, if your tank is properly equipped/stanced/used.

7. At some point, he will probably force lift your companion. This is good, as it will heal your companion up nicely, but now you have face him. Force armor and DPS him down, interrupt as above. When your companion is fully healed, or you are just tired of one-on-one, break his LoS and he should switch back to your tank.