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Flashpoint Group Finder would be a great start. Though Heroic 4+ seem tougher to find at higher levels (Started for me on Alderaan}, I have only been able to participate in black Talon and Hammer station regular to date and I am now level 40. All the rest go grey pretty fast. As for those who want server only, I am dubious of this. Those calling for this in the name of community, were the ones at launch that wanted no group finder in the first place and we see what a fail this is. I am paying to play the game and see the content in a multiplayer context. If the singular aspect of "community" means that much to some folks, join a guild. Faction populations, especially during the off prime time hours, could make a server only Group Finder slightly less effective as having nothing at all.
well even if such a finder is done it also depends of the attitude of the server population and basicly that is questionable but bioware will do as they all ways do "Their thing" regardless what we think about it