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05.02.2012 , 09:29 AM | #512
Flashpoint Group Finder would be a great start. Though Heroic 4+ seem tougher to find at higher levels (Started for me on Alderaan}, I have only been able to participate in black Talon and Hammer station regular to date and I am now level 40. All the rest go grey pretty fast. As for those who want server only, I am dubious of this. Those calling for this in the name of community, were the ones at launch that wanted no group finder in the first place and we see what a fail this is. I am paying to play the game and see the content in a multiplayer context. If the singular aspect of "community" means that much to some folks, join a guild. Faction populations, especially during the off prime time hours, could make a server only Group Finder slightly less effective as having nothing at all.