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05.02.2012 , 08:32 AM | #26
But as i said, everyone really only need 1 companion in this game, if they gave everyone a healer that could actually heal thats all the backup you would ever need.The only reason one would care about more companions as i said would have to be for the story aspect around them.
Are you keeping them geared? And are you turning on every ability they have? Those are important aspects, healing companions suck unless you turn on all their abilities as you level.

When I got Guss Tuno, the Smuggler's healer companion, I was massively impressed by his healing and wondered why Dorne never healed so well. Well duh, Guss had more healing abilities turned on for him to use than Dorne. Same goes for all types of companions, hence late-game companions being seemingly better at what they do.