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I absolutely agree with the OP.
Lost Island is a great FP which actually challenges you to clear it. Still i got 2 complaints about it: (this is als about hard mode)

1. It is too long. Clearing it with several wipes (which are normal if you play a difficult FP for the first time) takes way over 2 hours. The fact that you can not do it in several sessions but always all over again makes it frustrating. If you do the first 2 bosses you dont wanna waste the effort and its a huge let down if you have to cancel the rest because some ppl dont have anymore time.
Possible solutions or things that could help:
- Shorter walks after wipe, or even better revive right in front of the boss
- Allow speeders inside the FP
- a OPTIONAL lockout, just like the OP lockouts (based on bosses killed) but resetable (if you wanna do it with a new group again)

2. The gear drops are terrible.
Mini-bosses drop Tionese crystals? Bosses drop Columi?
Players which could benefit from these drops are undergeared for this instance in the first place. Granted if you know the mechanics well it might be possible to take some non-columi alts in the instance, but thats super hard mode then (just think of the platform boss with a sub-columi healer). The only thin in line is the rakata chest pice from the end boss.
Of course this a followup problem of the former itemization (obtaining Rakata gear is much easier than Lost Island). I hope future content is much more in line with the new hard modes and this is just a transition phase to a more rewarding loot/effort (effort != time, but effort == difficulty) itemization.

I think each Lost Island boss should drop 1-2 black hole commendations instead of tionese crystals (except of course the minibosses, as the first miniboss could be farmed way too easily)
All of the issues you bring up are a matter of learning the flashpoint. If I told you the time it took my group, skipping as much as we could, to get from start to Lorrick kill you'd never believe me. My team(s) can pretty reliably do a full clear in less than fifty minutes, with maybe a death or two on boss fights. If you can kill the robot, you can clear the place. As far as Rakata drops, Doctor Lorrick drops not only a Rakata chestpiece, but a Columi weapon...for the reward, the time you put in is well worth it. To say nothing of the awesome story and the fact that, again, the challenge is what makes it fun. Lost Island is a keeper, and future FP's ought to follow in its footsteps.
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