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And unlocked the ability to be unable to buy something for 2 million. Its awesome. My families legacy is about being crafters that are broke and I get to feel it at every level. I can't wait till they unlock more things I can't purchase.

Edit: I guess I should give them props for making the game life like at least.
HAHAHA yeah, funny thing is, i have been lvl 50 since december and i still can afford anything.
Because now when removing mods and bying augments etc keeps me constant broke.
And i still have only 2 gears with augment slots.I used to be able to get money from doing wz but bioware killed that with 1.2. The only way bioware support giving monet to players is doing pve something pvp players hate, talking about dailys.And when i try to raid the repaid cost is insane ! And sending out companions at lvl 50 for crafting materials yeah right, who can afford that . Well i guess it doent matter really, all the legacy stuff is just fluff anyways.