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I do not post on here much, granted, so I don't know the arguments that the people that aren't clearing Lost Island HM are that it's too difficult and over-tuned, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and attempt to explain that not only is lost only perfectly tuned, but it is the first real challenging hard mode FP in the game.

I have tanked and cleared the instance almost a dozen times, and have tried both with two ranged DPS and one ranged, one melee. Granted, the second boss seems tough at first, second, and third glance...but this is not meant to be on scale with normal HM flashpoints, as is made perfectly clear by the distinction as part of a separate weekly quest. The Rakghoul Invasion, if you can actually get to/kill Doctor Lorrick and follow the story, is quite interesting stuff.

None of the scripted events are "impossible" by any means, and anyone who has cleared it can tell you that with each run the familiarity with each event increases your team's efficacy. Prior to Lost Island, there were no truly difficult (and by that I mean non-bugged) flashpoints. None. Now a flashpoint exists which requires very tight group coordination, combined with a mixture of the appropriate gear and skill, and everyone cries nerf. The problem is the ever-so widespread sense of entitlement among players, not the difficulty of the instance.

You do not deserve to be able to clear a HM just because you're 50. Lost Island and Denova are great additions to the game because of their undeniable level of challenge. The Rakghoul Invasion/Campaign, cliched zombie mode though it may be, is perhaps the best "to be continued" content in the game. If either Lost Island or Denova are nerfed, to the point where there is no challenge for the hardcore playerbase, then nothing but problems lie ahead.

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