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On a related note: I also don't want to have to pay for new skills every level or for learning how to ride a speeder! Especially different speeds is stupid.. I got a driver's license and I can drive a car that only goes 80 and one that goes 100 just as good!

Also, paying credits to send mails is stupid. And why does the GTN want me to deposit credits only to give them back to me again? And why does the Jedi council give me a ship, but I have to pay for my own fuel!?

Really, why do we need credits for all this stuff.. it should just be given when we earned it through whatever is used to earn the specific thing we want.


PS. Actually.. you do pay credits for your PvE drops.. the credits you pay for it are called Repair Bills. Only PVP gets stuff with no credit investment.. you actually make money doing it!
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