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Ive said this before in these forums but this seems like a good place to repeat it...

I watched the guild summit, every minute of it. They stated that they are watching the economy closely and that 82% of the population has less than a million credits. Then they proceed to make the legacy stuff so expensive that you have to have several million to buy all of it. You have to have a couple of million to buy "some" of it. Less than a million? That doesnt get you much.

I am one of those people in the 82% bracket. I will never have time to grind out enough credits to get ALL the stuff, so fine, I can live with that. What I am having a hard time with though is that I probably wont see ANY of it. Maybe one or two things.

I am a SWTOR lover. I have an absolute blast playing this game despite the few things that bug me. The linear questing most notably. But the price of Legacy stuff is making me actually consider unsubbing, I am going to finish the chars I have started then rethink my position on how long I plan to sub to this game. It was definitely longer when I thought I could take advantage of at least SOME of the Legacy stuff.

Sorry but I am just not a grinder. I dont mind working for things in a game but I can NOT go grind out the credits it will take to get the things I want from the Legacy system and call it fun. They screwed the pooch again IMO..


PS They DID lead us to believe that it would take EITHER credtis or Legacy to obtain this stuff. I dont mind doing what it takes to get my legacy up but I DO mind grinding for creds. A lot of people who play like I do feel the same. I dont care if it takes me a month to gain one Legacy level because I dont have as much time to play as some others do. But I DO mind having to grind out stuff I dont enjoy (dailies for example) to earn credits to BUY the stuff. Hate me all you want for it, but I was simply expecting them to stick to what they said.

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