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05.02.2012 , 01:30 AM | #7
Wouldn't Mind a BIND ON LEGACY option, turn certain items for example that are BOP. like a peice of old gear you had on a Sith Juggernaught, you rolled a Guardian and you could totally use it, pay a fee of like 100k to alter its binding.

Perhaps a perk that increase the drop rate chance of planet commedations.

Perhaps a perk that sets the peice of gear graphic to reflect its opoeset faction. (Unlocked after getting a character to 50 on each faction.)
I.e. Set the Jedi Knight Robes to its empire side graphic making its an Vader like chestpeice and cape.

Use the Ship Holoterminal to have all your level faction fleet dailies and weeklies to save time on the fleet

Unlock a Species Racial ability if you leveled that race to 50.

FAMILY TREE SAVE FEATURE, so the list of the family tree doesnt reset in a B.S. position.

Update on the Legacy Force Storm and Orbital Strike to not show EMPIRE targeting ground icons on republic characters.

Perhaps a further update into the unify to chest option, to make it unfiy to a diffrent peice? (and perhaps an update so the empire side battlemaster sith warrior helms actually get affected BY the unify to chest.)