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Bioware can tell you that many of the "bugs" reported are people just being ignorant of mechanics. There are going to be a few occasions where someone has something buggy happened, but unless they can post a combat log or a video to prove it, it's most likely just them sucking and lying about it... or just being ignorant.

Ever noticed how many times people have posted that the first boss in EV nightmare mode is bugged because occasionally a non tank gets one shot? These same people don't know you need to control the top of the threat table. It would seem like a bug without that knowledge, but I assure you, the debuff for zorn and toth is working fine. When someone in your raid says "I got the debuff" when they're attacking Zorn, it means either your positioning is bad or that player made a mistake.
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Its not bugged, just like when someone derps and supposedly lags during every red circle. After we benched all the players who couldn't master that mechanic we killed him easily. If someone gets fearful its due to bad positioning, either on the tanks side or the dps side (Rethink strat / positioning time imo.)
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