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05.01.2012 , 10:51 PM | #6
I would like to see some legacy crafting in there maybe.

Upon reaching 400 on a crafting skill on one character (and x legacy level globally), there would be two dimensions:

- Further legacy levels can unlock sets of special schematics in that maxed crafting skill. Importantly not just lvl 400 schematics, but a series of rarer combination schematics of all levels for that crafting skill. These would be 'unlocked' for all characters in the Legacy who use that crafting skill (depending on their crafting skill themselves). Colour crystals especially desirable, particularly given the desire for different combinations related to legacy already expressed in this thread.

- A separate purchasable legacy unlock that allows the usage of crafting-restricted items. I.e. once bought, so long as one of the characters in my Legacy has Biochemistry at e.g. level 60 at the given time, all the other characters would be able to use the Re-usable Surgical Medpacs so long as they had the required experience level.