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Yes you actualy get more legacy xps from a lvl 50 Also i would check on that legacy lvl 20 armor as you can get the exact same armor and even some better looking by around lvl 30. As a matter of fact the lvl 11 quest on coresaunt republics most wanted is actualy a descent modable robe takes about 15 mins to get also and no money . But will admit it dosnt have the metal on the back of the robe wont get that till around lvl 30 inside the taral v flashpoint.

But before i sunk that much of my creds id definatly check into it. Thats why i didnt buy it for my alt. If you want it then hey by all means get it. To each there own a d you may see something in it i didnt. But just saying might save ya some regrets later to see what some other armor options are before spending that kinda creds.
Thing is the level legacy armor for JK's are the same as the one you have at the character screen but with hood up. The only other armor like that that is moddable that I know of is the rare Jedi Battlelord's Chestguard and that is lvl 40+ and rare.

The other heavy robes for JK are so ugly looking to me that I simply haven't been able to roll a Jedi since I began playing the game at the early release so I was excited when I saw that the advertised armor was finally obtainable when Bioware added the vendors.
It's not about that I need "things naaaoww!!" but that there is zero choices to make at the JK side. It's even more infuriating hwne compare JK to the Sith Warrior where you have a large variety of different customizable armor styles to choose from. Everything from robes, robes with armor under to vader styled armor types.

But thanks now I know what to do lol. Get my main to 50 and farm farm farm to legacy 20 so i finally can create a Jedi!
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