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Question regarding legacy levels.

I am currently at legacy level 11 and what worries me a little bit is that I have to level up alts over and over to get to 20 which is what I want so I can finally play a Jedi that actually looks like a jedi (with the level 20 legacy orange set).

My question to you guys are this;

As I said I am currently at legacy 11 and my main is level 42. I also have a 33, 26, 35 and 19 level characters at the same server. Is it possible that I can raise my legacy to 20 with my main only by doing dailies at 50 and such?

Would be grateful for answers
Yes you actualy get more legacy xps from a lvl 50 Also i would check on that legacy lvl 20 armor as you can get the exact same armor and even some better looking by around lvl 30. As a matter of fact the lvl 11 quest on coresaunt republics most wanted is actualy a descent modable robe takes about 15 mins to get also and no money . But will admit it dosnt have the metal on the back of the robe wont get that till around lvl 30 inside the taral v flashpoint.

But before i sunk that much of my creds id definatly check into it. Thats why i didnt buy it for my alt. If you want it then hey by all means get it. To each there own a d you may see something in it i didnt. But just saying might save ya some regrets later to see what some other armor options are before spending that kinda creds.
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