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Quote: Originally Posted by Skoobie View Post
a) They never promised anything.

b) They said that if you didn't feel like grinding out all that legacy for stuff, you can also acquire them via credits. They never said you wouldn't need ANY legacy AT ALL for stuff.

If you can show me different, I will be happy to admit I am wrong. I am going by the guild summit.

Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
The system allows you to unlock things EITHER via achieving the unlock condition (e.g. reaching chapter 2 in a specific class, reaching a specific PvP rank, etc) OR by paying credits. It is not both.
The last paragraph is so funny.

Quote: Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller View Post
Some things (like legacy class abilities) cannot be purchased with credits while other things can only be purchased (not unlocked) but are gated by legacy level (e.g. the GTN for your ship requires you to have a high legacy level before you can purchase it).
I realize he's not a native English speaker, but I don't care what language you speak it's clear he's saying 2 different things in the same breath. The man should be a lawyer. Maybe he can help us understand what the definition of "is" is...