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First, Im not sure if this is the right location for this thread. If it isnt, I apologize, and please feel free to move it.
On with the issue:

I got to the part of the story where Nadia talks to me about her feelings aand all and Igot the option to ask her to marry me, another one which I dont remember, and a third that said something on the lines of "feelings are to be enjoyed, not explained". Anyway, I like to see all options and then Esc and choose the one I like the most. However, when I did that with the last one (the enjoy feelings and not explain them) the cutscene ended instead of being reseted, so now I cant marry her. Is there a way to get a second chance at that conversation or am I screwed?
I've run into this same thing, didn't realize it was the end of the companion affection series, so I didn't choose it right away. Now I'm at max affection with Nadia and it seems there's nowhere to go with it.
Thank you, Bioware, for changing the name. Now that I'm not a "wizard", can we make my lightsaber less of a "wand"?