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Ah, beat me to it.

Also, let's not forget the Green Jedi/Corellian Jedi. They're known for their familial ties, and the Council may not officially like it, but there's not really anything they can do about it. At least not without casting out a large part of the Order and cheesing off Corellia in the process.
The Green Jedi might as well be called Grey Jedi, since they are not officially part of the Jedi Order on Tyhon/Coruscant. They protect Corellia and their families. Oh, the Council dislikes ANY Force Users that they can't control. Any "rogue" Force sensitive group is placed on a "watch list" just in case they decide to challenge the Republic or Jedi later on. Also, any Jedi that leave the order are similarly monitored if they leave for any reason the Council finds suspicious. Dooku was an exception, since he left to take over his family estates and governent on his home planet. He managed to convince the other members of the Council that it was in their best interests to let him go. That was the only reason he didn't have anyone keeping a surreptitious eye on him, and was free to join Palpatine.
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